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Erotic Massages in Levenera

Seasonal ICE (power) erotic massage








Increasingly high summer temperatures have a negative impact on our body. Refreshment in these days is more than welcome, with cold drinks, shade, sea or refreshment in Le Venera. Seasonal Ice erotic massage brings to you true refreshment of the body, skin, spirit and mind. Thus, in the hot summer months you can choose unique chill or just diversification with our another massage. The selection of erotic massages is wide. If you're a fan of only one erotic massage, this can be a great addition that will set a special playfulness to an erotic massage.

By Ice massage is still used as the basis quality massage oil. In parallel with the chosen length of the massage is always adapted to the customer according to his needs, desires and curiosity.

Ice massage definitely has a beneficial effect on joint problems, it works without side effects on the human body and promotes anti-inflammatory processes. The ice game passes the natural healing power of the organism and relieves your muscle tension. Our skilled masseuses don't play with ice on "sensitized" areas, in general they dedicate to playing with ice on the zones in which most please You. Therefore, they are always glad to receive your suggestion because every person is an unique being with unique feelings.

As interesting fact during the summer months are men's testicles, because the excessive heat spread and separate them lower of the body. This is also an indication of the general fatique and lack of energy. The heat has unfortunately a negative influence on the quality of the sperm, to the prostate, on the organism itself and its intensity. The cold

touch or play with ice cubes and cooling of your testicles has remarkable beneficial effects, because refreshing and gentle erotic massage leads to better and stronger orgasm while also renews your energy level.

Refreshments, air-conditioned room and ice cubes on a hot body, thirsty 

for cooling and gratification. Ice erotic massage is the right decision in the summer, friendly welcome in Le Venera.


Erotic massage for couples - Simphony

nova nova masaza

Do you want to diversify your intimate life? Do you need a fresh idea, or just a change of ambience or an hour or two of privacy a little differently. Would you like to have fun in a threesome with your partner? Then read on.

The couples have in Le Venera a variety of options to choose diversification of their everyday life. Let it be anniversary, partner's birthday, Valentine's Day, Women's Day, a gift certificate under Christmas tree, the first day of vacation or a normal working day or weekend.

By couples is the greatest demand for erotic massage Simphony. By this erotic massage is with you one masseuse who takes care for both, of course, in the joint ambience and thus allows more combinations and relaxation and adjusts only to you. 

Erotic massage Simphony is suitable for every occasion and for all those who want to feel how it is to have with you another woman who plays with you, links you, releases and dedicates to you in a way that you will have a real sense of threesome. For joint enjoyment and relaxation in comfortable ambience. You have a choice of time options, namely 45 minutes and 75 minutes erotic massage Simphony. Depending on your relaxation, experience and desire, here you have a lot of options and space for your wishes. Often man is first placed in a comfortable chair where watches how his partner softens under the skilled touch of our masseuse and they with four hands prepare her to touches of seductive body to body massage. If you decide for a longer time option, of course, is plenty of time to you both quality massaged and relaxed, because the massage Simphony is true diversification even adventure. Partner, for example, can cooperate with our masseuse and in addition to superior erotic massage can give to her partner wonderful memorable experience. And If your partner dreams of touching another woman, this is the right and safe way to fulfil beautiful fantasy. One possibility is that the masseuse on your desire focuses more on one person who is a star of massage and to her/him with the masseuse devote full attention so that the latter feels like in paradise. In this act they can be interchanged so that they get both a chance to feel like a prince and princess.

Couples can therefore enjoy by a massage in mutual arousing and satisfying as well as other desired activities in your own positions, where our chosen masseuse will lead you and she will help both to maximum satisfaction and happy ending. Erotic massage Simphony is an extraordinary experience which should know each couple. Come and you will return. 


 Erotic massage Eros for him-body to body with one masseuse


Is the most visited classic erotic massage, which contains just the right amount of Swedish hand massage and erotic body to body pampering with a happy ending. If you are looking for a little different gift for friends or colleagues, this is the right choice because you have by an erotic massage Eros a lot of time variations. They are intended for tasting to more timid people and suitable for every wallet. You can choose between 20 min, 30 min., 45 min. or 75 min. Eros erotic massage.

At 20 and 30 minutes body to body massage Eros therefore there is not much time to heat the whole of the muscle tissue, deep kneading and pounding of knots, so the massage is only superficial, rapid and time-limited. Therefore the masseuses by shorter variants devote the most to the erotic part of the massage and to general release of your body and mind. Is a pleasant, sweet and short, say our visitors. Thus, the shorter form of the body massage can be a real refreshment during the lunch break, before demanding meeting at work or a quick relaxation after a busy day.

If you have a little more time, we recommend at least 45 minutes and even more 75-minute body to body. Thus, the masseuse has more time to devote to you and she pampers you completely.

So you will not be deprived of anything, massage will be complete, the whole body is treated, back, neck, shoulder ring, cross, buttock, arms and hands, legs and feet.

Big bonus of longer body to body pampering is also that, depending on the amount of time, at your request masseuse particulary devotes only to a particular part of your body that might be causing the problem, while by plenty of time you enjoy the unique pampering, sliding of oily body, erotica and awakening of your sexual energy. Massage is so comprehensive, deep, soothing, effective, activates your blood circulation, releases the whole body and night' sleep becomes better.
Eros erotic massage is carried out on a massage cushion by candlelight, our masseuses fully take care of your body, relaxation and pleasure. Softened and relaxed muscles, warm oil, hot atmosphere and the right touch of eroticism await you in Le Venera.



erotika 2

Are you curious creature that drinks life from a large glass of mysteries and unknowns? Do you take your own freedom as the foundation of your everyday life? Are you quickly bored and do you need constant movement in physical, mental or intellectual view?

Erotic massage is one of the secrets of  longevity, well-being and deeper

magnetic body synchronisation. It's sensitively exchange of vital energy, strengthens the human and spirit. The massage is just like music. We can always play only one tone or we train us and we play a symphony of different tones, which takes us into the wonderful world of bliss. 

Of all five senses the touch is the most important, as is the need to contact embedded in our physiology. The ideal way of relaxation, learning about the body and hidden fantasies is just erotic massage.  And in combination with different quality oils it can be beneficial manner of gentle and attentive path to pleasure, your relaxation and complete dedication. At the erotic massage you can perceive your body with all your senses and so we can cause to you completely unknown erotic feelings. Important basis of erotic massage is a peaceful environment and coordinated movement of the hands and body, which helps them appropriate massage oil, pleasant atmosphere and relaxing music.

While the aim of the massage is to loosen the muscles, erotic massage goes boyond that. When the sexual energy is released, it contributes to greater calmness, greater satisfaction and often to greater human creativity. It is a true pampering with a range of luxurious sensations on all parts of your body and at the same time adventurous discovery of new, sensory ways to raise sexual arousal. 

By stimulating the right points on the body you can give to yourself and to your partner sensual experiences which reduce the effects of stress, you will knock down yet any interior "walls". Erotic massage can also help you to remove certain fears and insecurities, you learn to receive and you create permanent dialogue with your body. 

Erotic massage at Le Venera by moving, erotic rhythms and sounds of life scents your life here, now, today and tomorrow... Le Venera, a place where you can often come... Where our aura sips your troubles and conjures to you a sunny day.

Simple true erotic massage with a capital letter.

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